Vatican WikiLeaks concerns ‘Green Pope’

CNA has a fresh article on the first Vatican WikiLeaks cable. It reveals the perception of the relevance of the environment with regard to the Pope’s magisterium. It made for some diplomatic ‘strategizing’ and highlights the importance of the environment within the Church and for the world.

As a comment, it seems interesting to me how the US government seems to misunderstand the Pope’s position. The fact that the Pope spoke about the environment and even the real facts that he has an ‘environmental message’ do not mean he is necessarily leaning towards the US stance on climate change or the ideological and philosophical veins embraced by many environmentalists, governments and activists. Whenever the Pope talks about the environment, he connects it to human dignity, and to God. Anyone who says otherwise, does not fully understand the Pope’s position and reason to position, with respect to the environment.

I commented on the Vatican message to Copenhagen COP 15 here. It certainly seems interesting that the US Embassy found a Vatican insider, Dr. Conversi, who allegedly was willing to lobby a political position pro US. If that is the case, I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be clear consequences and statements, since this is not the Church’s position, as the US Embassy itself recognizes.

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