I desire to participate in a Creatio Experience and have submitted my application. I understand my application will be considered pending until it is reviewed and either approved or declined. By submitting my application, I agree to the following policies:


Experience Payments and Deposits

If my application is accepted and I am able to participate in an Experience, I will be responsible for paying the full price of the experience, including land (accommodations, food, transportation, etc.) and airfare, if applicable (the Experience Price), by the posted deadline(s) established by Creatio. All checks should be made payable to “Creatio” and mailed to Creatio, 623 Fox St, Denver, CO 80204 or paid online via credit card or bank transfer. If you are traveling as part of a group, your group coordinator may be collecting payments from you and submitting payment to Creatio on your behalf.

Upon submission of my nonrefundable deposit an account will be established and all monies will be administered as an individual “support account” set up in my name in Creatio’s records.

Creatio will spend no money or make any reservations (airfare, lodging, etc…) on my behalf until my application has been accepted and I have submitted the Experience payment(s) by the due date(s) listed on the Creatio website.

The remainder of the Experience Price must be received by Creatio no later than the due date listed on the Creatio website or by agreement with a Creatio representative.

If my payment is late, I am subject to a late fee of $20 for every 5 business days my payment is late. These fees must be paid prior to my Experience start date or I may be ineligible to attend.


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising / Crowdfunding for Mission-related Experiences


If I am participating in a Mission Trip or Adventure Mission, my Experience may be eligible for Peer-to-Peer fundraising. If eligible, I may direct donors to donate to my support account. My account balance (fundraised amounts plus my personal payments) will be used to pay the Experience Price. If my airfare was not included in Creatio’s price and I paid for it personally, any excess of my trip deposit and funds raised over the  Experience Price  may be reimbursed to me up to the cost of my airfare.

Any contribution made to Creatio that is designated to an individual support account shall be considered a gift to Creatio. All gifts to Creatio are the sole property of Creatio and to the extent permitted by law, shall be considered as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. Gifts will not be refunded or distributed to me or anyone else, regardless of use, including but not limited to cases where an Experience is cancelled or postponed.




I will have health insurance or will purchase a policy that will cover any medical emergencies/accidents for the duration of the Creatio Experience. I will provide proof of coverage to Creatio, in the form of a carrier and policy number, or email from a medical insurance carrier with dates of coverage and a summary of what’s covered.

Travel insurance is required, and depending on the Experience, a policy in my name may be included in the Experience Price. If it is not included, I will purchase my own policy and provide proof of purchase to Creatio no later than one month prior to the Experience start date.  All policies included in an Experience only provide coverage during the advertised dates of the Experience. If my personal situation results in me canceling the trip prior to departure (e.g. I get sick and must withdraw from the Experience prior to departure date), this would not be covered by the insurance that Creatio has purchased on my behalf. 

Creatio is not an insurance company and has no responsibility for the submission, payment, or adjustment of any insurance claims. Any insurance claims that may fall under the relevant travel insurance policy must be submitted to the insurance company identified in the policy.

If a participant is concerned about recovering costs due to cancelation for any reason whatsoever, Creatio recommends participants to purchase the add-on Cancel-for-Any-Reason (CFAR) insurance at checkout when registering for the trip (international Experiences only). The cost of this add-on is $100 and allows participants of recover 75% of the trip cost up to 48hrs before the trip. More details on the CFAR policy upgrade can be found HERE.


Cancellation Charges 


Experience Deposits are Non-Refundable. If a participant or group representative cancels a reservation, the cancellation charges shown below will apply. Cancellation charges are based on the number of days from the time Creatio is notified of your cancellation, to the Experience start date:


Cancellation Charges
Cancellation charges EXCLUDE the non-refundable deposit and are as follows:
● 100 days or more: FULL REFUND minus deposit
● 99 to 66 days: 25% of Experience Price (75% refund minus deposit)
● 65 to 31 days: 50% of Experience Price (50% refund minus deposit)
● 30 days or less: 100% of Experience Price (0% refund)

Experiences that include flights and other non-refundable elements are subject to the fees imposed by the partner airline in addition to any other non-refundable costs.


Experience Rescheduling


To allow for more flexibility in response to international travel restrictions, any participant may reschedule their experience for any reason with a minimum of 45 days advance notice and receive trip credit to be used on a future experience. Trip credit amounts to the price paid for the experience excluding any non-refundable elements. Trip credit is valid for 12 months from the date of rescheduling and may be applied to any future posted experience dates or a future custom trip. A participant does not have to travel within those 12 months, only pick a date, subject to availability. Trip credit expires 24 months after the date of issue.




Airfare purchased on my behalf by Creatio is subject to the airline’s cancellation and change policies. Therefore, if a cancellation results in a refund to Creatio, those funds shall be issued by Creatio back to the participant. Likewise, if a cancellation or change does not result in a refund, Creatio shall not reimburse the airfare to a participant.

Any group or participant returning from a program before the scheduled return date forfeits all Experience payments and must cover all expenses associated with an early return. If a participant has scheduled their own airfare and if the flight is delayed or if for any reason the participant is prevented from joining the program on the scheduled departure date and time, or if the participant chooses to leave the program early, Creatio will not provide a full or partial refund or credit toward a future Experience


Cancellation or Substitution by Creatio


Creatio will make reasonable efforts to keep the itinerary as it has been published; however, the final itinerary may vary due to availability and factors beyond its control. Creatio may in its sole discretion substitute services such as hotels or goods of similar quality for any service or good stated in the itinerary.

Creatio reserves the right to cancel an Experience, or to change any aspect of an Experience including dates, location, itinerary or duration either before or during a program because of weather, enrollment, health hazards or for any other reason that Creatio determines, in its discretion, is appropriate. If Creatio cancels an Experience its liability is limited to a refund of Creatio’s recoverable cost of any unused portion of the Experience Price, and Creatio will not be liable for any other costs, damages or refunds of any kind for any loss, delay, inconvenience, disappointment or expense in such circumstances. If an Experience in progress must be interrupted or canceled, Creatio’s liability shall be strictly limited to refund of Creatio’s recoverable cost of any unused portion of the Experience Price.


Special Coronavirus Conditions


Participants are required to declare prior to departure if they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive or have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient within 14 days of departure. 

Participants will be advised of and asked to adhere to recommended hygiene procedures, such as traveling with and wearing a face mask and/or gloves when asked to do so, or limiting physical contact wherever possible. Prior to departure, participants may be asked to complete a pre-Experience questionnaire or declaration confirming they have familiarized themselves with health and safety guidelines and requirements related to their Experience.