To “Sister Nature” – Youth and Environment

Recently Pope Benedict XVI gave an address to an organization called ” Sister Nature”, which focuses specifically on environmental matters. Before getting into the content it is important to keep in mind the Pope’s introductory words, which explain why he decided to give a speech to this apparently small and obscure organization: he wanted to speak to the youth about creation. Below what he says.

“But above all I greet you, youth, dear young people! It is precisely for you that I wanted this meeting, and I would like to tell you that I appreciate very much your choice to be “guardians of creation,” and in this you have my full support.”

There are 3 main themes in the Popes speech, and one of them is clearly the importance of environmental education for youth. The Pope also mentioned how a true care for creation requires a respect for human life as well. And finally, he reiterated the centrality of Christ for a correct placement of creation in the universe. These are great words of support for the work of organization like Creatio and the John Paul II Adventure Institute in the USA. Below some key excerpts of the speech:

respect for the environment can not leave aside the recognition of the value of the human person and its inviolability at every stage and in every condition of life. Respect for the human being and respect for nature are one, but both can grow and find their right measure if we respect in the human being and in nature the Creator and his creation

I would emphasize the great importance of education in this field of ecology. I gladly accepted the proposal of this meeting because it involves so many young students, because it has a clear educational perspective. And in fact it has become apparent that there will be no good future for humanity on earth if we do not educate everyone to a more responsible way of life for creation. And this style is learned first at home and in school.

recognize in Christ the center of the universe, the light that enlightens every man and every creature.

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