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Yesterday ,we celebrated the World Water Day , wáter is a natural resource which is very important to conserve life on the planet. Do not forget that ¾ of the Earth is water , that 75 % of all living things is water. So how could we live without water? A human can survive almost about 30 days without food but only 3 days without water . In the world there are many people who must travel km to get water and even many die for lack of access to potable water.

Water, needs to be maintained to ensure life on the planet, this is part of our responsibility as global citizens . Like St. Francis of Assisi said. ” Praised be You, my Lord , through Sister Water , which is very useful and humble and precious and chaste ” in this way St. Francis teaches us to look after this humble and pure water.

Sunday ‘s Gospel ( Jn 4: 5-42 ) introduces us to Jesus asking for water to the Samaritan woman, who was very busy to give Jesus to drink. But, Jesus tell her and tell us that He has wáter that if is taken we never will be thirsty because this water comes from God.

Sed de Dios, in spanish is like to belong to God , we must be thirsty of God and belong to god. But not only that, God also thirsts for us, asking us water as the Samaritan . The water in our faith , our love, our time for others , our prayers, our peace, and this is where we should be like the water of which St. Francis of Assisi : ” humble , precious and pure ” . What kind of water do we have to God?

With this small reading, we should remember the importance of water to our lives , how important it is to take care this important resource and always remember that God also is thirsty of us.

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