The Role of Technology

Pope Benedict XVI gave an impressive address on the role of technology and the shaping of our current world. In a sense, this blog has much to do with a reflection on the role of technology and the new means in which to get a message across. While technology presents many opportunities it also presnets certain threats, and one of the biggest is with regards to Truth, one of the central points of Pope Benedict’s Magisterium. Here some extracts, but I recomend you read the entire speach:

  • Today, for example, the world of the image with the development of ever new technologies has ever greater weight in communication. But if on one hand this entails undoubtedly positive aspects, on the other hand, the image can also become independent of reality; it can give life to a virtual world, with several consequences, the first of which is the risk of indifference to truth. In fact, the new technologies, together with the progress they entail, can make the true and the false interchangeable; they can induce one to confuse the real with the virtual.
  • In this context, the Catholic press is called, in a new way, to express to the heights its potential and to give a reason day in and day out for its mission that can never be given up. The Church has a facilitating element, since the Christian faith has in common with communication a fundamental structure: the fact that the means and the message coincide; indeed, the Son of God, the Incarnate Word, is at the same time message of salvation and means through which salvation is realized.

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