The Protection of the Mata Atlântica

The Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Coast) is a unique ec0logical niche, one of the 5 most important hot-spots for biodiversity on the planet. It si the largest Biosphere Reserve designated by UNESCO, representing one of the most important regions for conservation in the world. Its initial range covered over 130 million hectares along the East Coast of Brazil, and some of Argentina and Paraguai. The area I grew up in, São Paulo, is in the middle of this region, and the destruction of this niche which I witnessed with my own eyes was one of the early events that generated my interest to become involved in environmental matters. Now only 7% of the forest remains, and pressures continue to grow. Almost 70% of Brazil’s population resides in the region of Mata Atlântica, and much needs to be done for its intelligent use, protection and conservation.

Fortunately, there are people doing this work. I have recently come across the ‘Instituto Pesek-Araujo’ in Brazil, who are working hard at the Alto Ribeira Basin which covers 35 000 hectares. Check them out and help them out. If you need help with the Portuguese, let me know. Who knows, perhaps at some point Creatio may lead an Eco trip to this region…

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