The IPCC Loss of Credibility

Roger Pielke Jr. has an interesting post on the latest measures involving the IPCC, and the predicted changes ahead. Read it here.  I have posted before on the complications of the IPCC here and here. Very basically, the IPCC has had to implement new procedures to guarantee freedom from conflict of interest and other potential elements that make their affirmations credible. If those are implemented, Dr. Pachauri would be in trouble. Below I copy Richard Tol’s comments to Roger’s blog, he seems to know what he’s talking about:

Richard Tol said…2

Here’s a prediction:
Pachauri insisted that family was excluded, so it will be revealed that he has transferred many of his interests to his wife and daughters.

Disclosure is voluntary, and it will be shown to be incomplete in a number of cases.

Conflicts of interest that are disclosed by current IPCC personnel will not lead to action.

The IPCC leaders constantly remind the press of the rigorous procedures for peer-review (unfortunately not enforced). In the future, they will constantly remind the press of the rigorous procedure for conflict of interest (unfortunately not enforced).

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