The Cardinal and the Atheist


Here is an excellent debate on TV between Cardinal Pell of Sydeny and renowned atheist Richard Dawkins. Inevitably much of the argument ends up on different views on creation and evolution and Cardinal Pell (who has approached environmental issues before) does a good job of defending the intelligence of the Catholic position and maintaining his composure.

Finally, speaking of composure there is a new booklet out by Cardinal Dolan “True Freedom”  accompanied by an article by John Allen Jr., which emphasizes the great composure and charisma with which Dolan engages the US media, public and Church in New York. In the concise ebook Dolan reaches out to a secular audience as well, tethering much of his appeal on natural law. This approach is very much in line with Pope Benedict XVI, who spoke to the US Bishops on this issue and emphasized this engagement with natural law. But we must also remember the Pope’s words to Habermas in their dialogue, where he explained how an underlying position tethered on evolutionism makes natural law blunt and ineffective.


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