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Last week the EWTN documentary “The 4th Rupture” on the environment, hosted by Ricardo Simmonds was uploaded to the Creatio website. Please check it out here. My favorite episode is the last one, where we interview college students on missions, below.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/61223153]

This 13 episode documentary, in Spanish and English, proposes a Catholic vision on the environment based on reconciliation theology. Ricardo presents the theme of each episode and then interviews different experts on specific issues. Topics range from environmental ethics, science, climate change, theology, water, philosophy, animal rights, population, biodiversity, holiness and many more. AMong the interviewed experts are Fr. Robert Spitzer, Roger Pielke Jr., Bernard Amadei and Archbishop Charles J. Chaput.

The response has been great. In response for this video below, on human ecology, Maria Isabel from Ecuador comments of how Masters students are using the video to learn about sustainability. Great stuff!

María Isabel Cartagena Faytong

María Isabel Cartagena Faytong 1 week ago

Me encantaron las palabras del doctor Conen: la familia es la base de todo y se deben crear políticas de estado para fortalecerla. Espero poder dedicarme a mi hijo tanto como lo hicieron -y lo hacen- mis padres conmigo y mi hermana. 
Vimos hoy este video en nuestra clase de maestría, en el módulo de Desarrollo sustentable. Saludos desde Ecuador.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/61647787]

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