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“I fit right in with the group…. Through my experience with that day’s fishing group, I grew as in individual, learned a lot about different people’s interpretations of reality, and also the values shared between us!”

Jay | CU Boulder

Fly Fishing Adventure

“What stands out is the time for reflection and a realization of what’s important in life. Everything seems so clear on the Camino.”

Makena | Denver, CO

Camino De Santiago Pilgrimage

Doing the Camino with Creatio was physically challenging, spiritually uplifting, and a true adventure. Anyone who is looking to take on this ancient spiritual exercise with a community of passionate and capable Christians should look no further.

Mark | West Virginia

Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

If you’re hoping to get away from life, or to find answers to your problems, the Camino will reveal to you exactly what you least expect – yourself.

John | Philadelphia

Camino De Santiago Pilgrimage

“Peru taught me to fold myself inside-out.”

Jamie | CU Boulder

Peru Environmental Mission

“… in authentic and challenging dialogue, I was shown what prevents me from being who I truly am and how I can begin to know myself in the light of Jesus. ”

Beau | CU Boulder

Chimayó Pilgrimage

“When embarking on a mission trip you can always be sure your life will never be the same once you begin. But before beginning you must ask yourself what is the purpose of this mission? What I have learned is that taking part in a short-term mission goes way beyond the simple, yet beautiful idea of helping others. It is impossible to begin a short-term journey of a mission trip and not have it transform your life in one form or another… I would encourage you to join them and be prepared to find some of the answers you are looking for.”

 Greg | Canada

Peru Catholic Mission

“The whole time we were building the chapel, we were also interacting with the people from the shanty town, especially the children.  It is amazing how much you can communicate with children without even speaking the same language!  We taught each other games and songs, had piggyback races up the hill (which was kind of exhausting!), played a pretty intense game of good old Latin American soccer with the older kids after lunch every day, and just shared our lives with each other as much as we could. Overall, this mission trip was an extremely blessed experience.  Thank you to all of you who helped to make this mission possible through your prayers and support.”

Marianne | University of Illinois

Peru Service Mission

“The mission experience was one of the greatest and most influential times of my life. I had never had the opportunity to live in a place of great poverty for a short time, nor had I ever been able to work with people who lived in these conditions…. The joy within these kids’ hearts was something rarely, if ever, seen among the children in the United States. Although they possessed very little materially, the love and joy of Christ was so present in them, which speaks very clearly about what is really essential in this life.”

Craig | St. Mary’s University, Texas

Peru Catholic Mission