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UPDATE: Now a fourth member has been added to the panel, the representative of the Muslim group at CU Boulder. So my presentation will be shorter, as for others as well, but we will gain in diversity of views and discussions. I am guessing the greatest affinity in perspective will be with the Muslim presenter. Let’s see….

I will be talking on November 7th at the Bioneer’s Conference in Boulder. As part of the Faith and Nature panel, I will give the talk:  “Reconciliation and the Spirit of Chris McCandless”. I will be speaking alongside Rabbi Jamie Korngold, the ‘Adventure Rabbi’ and Rev. Peter Sawtell. It will be interesting… brace yourselves. The discussion panel will be at 11:10 am in Humanities 135 on the CU Boulder campus. About my talk, read more below:

The story of Chris McCandless in ‘Into the Wild’, a young man who leaves everything behind to find fulfillment in the wilderness of Alaska, is the story of our times and culture. It speaks of how nature provides a space for encountering what is authentic and meaningful in life, and rejecting the absurdities of modern culture with it’s unhappy standards of consumption, superficiality and materialism. On the other hand, Chris McCandless tragic ending contrasts with his heroic quest for meaning, which also mirrors the limitations of what nature alone can provide for our inner fulfillment and spiritual lives. Close to his final moments, McCandless discovers that ‘happiness is true when shared’ pointing towards the need for a more reconciled approach to reality. Reconciliation environmentalism emerges as a perspective that requires the reconciliation with all levels of relationship: God, oneself, others and nature for a wholesome environmentalism to emerge.

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