Benedict XVI: “revise our approach to nature”

Pope Benedict XVI gave an important address on environmental matters to the diplomats of 6 countries: Moldavia, Equatorial Guinea, Belize, the Arab Republic of Syria, Ghana and New Zealand. A summary article can be found in CNA here, highlighting the references to the nuclear disaster in Japan and a call for ‘clean energy’. In the full […]

Cancun conclusions

Here is a link to an article by Roger Pielke Jr. on the Cancun climate conference. For him its the same old, same old… and I think he’s right on this one. While I agree in the diagnosis of the situation I would differ slightly on the proposed solutions. Certainly technology has a role to […]

Animal camera

In some interesting studies that mix technology and nature new discoveries are being made. One study that places cameras on albatrosses shows how they find their food amidst apparently wide stretches of barren ocean: by following Killer whales. Some more details and other impressive albatross pictures can be seen here. Another different study explains why […]