Perusing Peru

The country of Peru is beautiful both in the people and landscapes that adorn the horizon. The Peruvian people have a faith to move mountains; despite their clear lacking of most material goods, they had an inspiring hope and trust in Divine Providence. On two occasions, I was literally swept toward the alter in a […]

Sustainable Mining?

Here is an article by Jose Miguel Yturralde, an insider into the reality of mining in Latin America. He works in the mining business, is an environmentalist at hear and writes for Revista Vive and contributes for Creatio: here. Recently the theme has flared up in Ecuador and Peru, as debates rage on about the approval […]

Threads and Colors

Here is a trailer of a documentary being produced by ICTY’S about art in poor Peruvian villages (in Spanish). The title translation is: “Threads and Colors: The Value of Every Stitch”. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn0GNCHQ4Xc&context=C3370ae9ADOEgsToPDskKJwx7yRKqLTZxqrDCzDkg4]  

Back from Missions

Below the latest pictures from the missions in Tapay in the Colca valley, which I led on behalf of  Creatio Missions. Apologies for the delay in blogging, there was no road to the village, let alone internet. Enjoy! For the full album, click here.