To “Sister Nature” – Youth and Environment

Recently Pope Benedict XVI gave an address to an organization called ” Sister Nature”, which focuses specifically on environmental matters. Before getting into the content it is important to keep in mind the Pope’s introductory words, which explain why he decided to give a speech to this apparently small and obscure organization: he wanted to […]

Nature, not Naturalism

[youtube=] In a previous post I have talked about the philosophical tendency towards naturalism. “From the Stoics through the Latins like Lucretius and Cicero there was a strong Naturalistic tendency in Western thought. Augustine, using Plato, rescues the centrality of God and resist this naturalism, while Boethius nails naturalism’s coffin and puts ‘nature in its place’.”  In a recent […]

Jesus of Nazareth II – Holy Week

I have commented before on Pope Benedict’s first private book “Jesus of Nazareth” and the environmentally relevant statements found there. In his second volume, there is less content than the first, but still relevant insights none-the-less. In general it is a book filled with spiritual insight on the inner life of Jesus during his Passion. […]

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