Mountaineering and Palm Sunday

I have posted a few liturgical and Papal messages drawing here and here the relationship between mountaineering, rock climbing and the Christian life. Here I found another great one, in Pope Benedict’s 2008 Palm Sunday homily, where he used the rope that ties climbers together as the central metaphor. The translator even had to put […]

“That Mountain which is Christ”

I have written about the spirituality of mountain climbing before, for which Pope John Paul II has a beautiful reflection, posted here. Recently a friend brought to my attention an official Catholic prayer for the blessing of tools for rock climbing, approved by Pope Pius XI. Here the Church recognizes the spiritual dimension of our […]

Silence and the “eco-system” of communications

There is an excellent opinion article in the New York Times about “The Joy of Quiet”. There Pico Iyer explains how the trend for the future is to seek silence, not communication. We are overloaded already, and will be paying not for cell minutes or extra bandwidth, but rather for places that ban internet, phones […]

Vatican on 7 Billion

Below are some words by the Vatican on the 7 billionth baby, by Fr. Frederico Lombardi. The full article by CNA can be seen here. There is also a discussion of what this means for the population controversy here. Below an excellent illustration by NPR, who I never thought I could publish on this issue, […]

Creatio President Meets Vatican Cardinal

Jose Ambrozic, President of Creatio, and also a member of CALL (Catholic Association of Latino Leaders), was part of a delegation of CALL member’s who gave the Vatican an official response to Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical “Caritas in Veritate.” (The encyclical contains many environmental references which I have commented on previously here and here). Other members of […]

Jesus of Nazareth II – Holy Week

I have commented before on Pope Benedict’s first private book “Jesus of Nazareth” and the environmentally relevant statements found there. In his second volume, there is less content than the first, but still relevant insights none-the-less. In general it is a book filled with spiritual insight on the inner life of Jesus during his Passion. […]

Back from Missions

Below the latest pictures from the missions in Tapay in the Colca valley, which I led on behalf of  Creatio Missions. Apologies for the delay in blogging, there was no road to the village, let alone internet. Enjoy! For the full album, click here. 

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