Desire and the ways to knowing God: Benedict XVI’s Paths to Faith

Pope Benedict XVI’s recent catechesis on faith have been illuminating some interesting aspects related to creation and the environment. A few weeks ago he spoke of science as a path to faith. Recently he has spoken of¬†another path, related to creation, which can also lead us to faith: a healthy human desire. This was the […]

Habermas, Ratzinger and the Crisis of Europe – Part I

With the roller coaster experiences of Greece and the G20 Summit, these are opportune times to speak about the crisis of Europe. The media is full of it. But for many other thinkers this crisis has been seen coming in its very foundations. Among these thinkers are Habermas and Ratzinger, whom I have mentioned before […]

‘Christmas is the most radical antithesis to the vision of scientism’

Father Raniero Cantalamessa is the preacher of the Pontifical Household, which means he is the only one who preaches to the Pope. This is his message for Advent, which proves to be intriguing, as he will deal with 3 core issues, which are the central problems for our times: scientism, secularism and rationalism. The talk […]