Regaining the Sacred, Overcoming Rationalism: in Nature

Fr. Cantalamessa has just released a new speech on rationalism as a challenge for out times. On speaking about the misuse of reason and its consequences, one of the most striking is the loss of the sense of the sacred. One important way of regaining this sense in the modern world is through the contemplation of creation. Read the full text here. Below some of the highlights:

  • At times the Bible is accused of having “desacrilized” the world for having chased away nymphs and divinities from mountains, seas and forests and for having made of them simple creatures at the service of man. This is true, but it is precisely by stripping them of this false pretext of being themselves divinities, that Scripture restored them to their genuine nature of “signs” of the divine. It is the idolatry of creatures that the Bible combats, not their sacredness.
  • The same wonderful discoveries of science and technology, rather than leading to disenchantment, can become occasions of wonder and experience of the divine. The final moment of the discovery of the human genome was described by the same Francis Collins who headed the team that led to this discovery, “an experience of scientific exaltation and at the same time of religious adoration.” Among the wonders of creation, nothing is more wonderful than man and, in man, his intelligence created by God.

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