Reconnecting with My God: Lenten Testimony from Kim Shields

“Truthfully, I believe this Creatio Experience changed me

as I know it also changed my relationship with the Lord.”

While most trips are often forgotten about after a short time, I can honestly say the “high” of the trip wore off shortly after mission (as it generally does) but that is not to say my life returned to normal afterward. Truthfully, I believe this Creatio Experience changed me as I know it also changed my relationship with the Lord. The ability to live in the moment, to notice everything around me and truly be present in the moment. To act like a little kid and stay up late at night, knowing the next day is going to be full of hard work and service, but want to spend as much time with your new friends as possible. To start to understand the reasons God brought me on the trip and see His unending love for me. To understand it’s when we are in our most vulnerable states that we can make the biggest difference even if it means leaving everything/everyone behind, not speaking the language and not knowing what the day ahead holds. To see not only God’s love through serving others but also to see his love by being shown the love and grace of those around me. To have my breath taken away by his beauty and majesty in the mountains surrounding our town, or the clear night sky, and how we would spend hours looking for shooting stars and laughing so hard it hurt. To see the true gratitude and appreciation of the locals. To experience a culture completely new to me and see the blessing I was given in the states.


I remember at the start of the Adventure Mission I was most excited to see Machu Picchu (we went almost the very first day we arrived in the country before going to the town to start mission) I thought this would be the highlight of my trip and was truthfully scared to see how the rest of the Experience would go. Each night after prayer we would reflect as a group and say our “highs and lows” of the day. On the last day, we were asked our “highs and lows” of the entire trip. When thinking about my high of the trip, even though at the start of the trip I expected to say Machu Picchu I realized this was so much the opposite. I realized the high was nothing I could have expected. It wasn’t a specific day or activity we did but it was a feeling of peace. Being removed from all the earthly desires and expectations and just reconnecting with my God. My God who created me and loves me. Who knew it took making me leave everything behind to be reminded of my worth and true identity in Jesus Christ.

Kim Shields

Peru Adventure Mission 2019

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