Solo Retreat Guidebook


Want to experience a bit of Creatio’s spirituality wherever you are? We have created a solo retreat guide so that you can have a profound encounter with the Creator in your own home, in the backcountry, or virtually anywhere!



This is a 28 page .pdf file of a retreat guide book

The purpose of this guide is to equip you to embark on a solo journey of the soul into a profound encounter with Jesus Christ.

We recommend that you have this guide available in print or downloaded as a pdf before you begin your retreat.

This guide is broken up into three different segments: Longing, Seeking, and Finding. Within each segment, you will find three different parts, each ending with time journaling to record and process movements and thoughts during the retreat. Each segment is approximately 4.5 hours. We recommend choosing one of the three segments for a single-day retreat or do all three for a multi-day retreat.