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A post from this blog on Habermas and Ratzinger has been linked to an article by Dorin Tudoran of Vox Publica, a Rumanian blog with 10, 000 daily visits. I do not read Rumanian, but from what I can tell from the Google translate version, Tudoran’s article is serious and balanced. He explains the history of the Habermas-Ratzinger debate, especially what led to the dialectics of secularization publication, and how the dialogue unfolded. This is where this blog is mentioned, where I reference other Pope Benedict XVI quotes on Habermas. I have written about Habermas and Ratzinger in other posts here, here and here and an application on the burka issues here. My Master of Science thesis was based on Habermas’ and Ratzinger’s dialogue and truth theories.

Tudoran also links an interesting article by Sandro Magister alongside mine, which I happened to have missed. It follows Cardinal Ruini’s defense of Ratzinger against Haberma’s critique of the Regensburg address by Pope Benedict XVI. I have written about Regensburg here. Below a section by Magister:

So it was to be expected that Habermas would reply to this lecture. And this is what he did with a long article published on Saturday, February 10, 2007 in the leading newspaper of German-speaking Switzerland, the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung.” 

In his discourse, presented below, Ruini makes a detailed summary of Habermas’ positions and his criticisms of the lecture in Regensburg, before analyzing and contesting them. 

Here it’s enough to add that Habermas describes the impulse that drove him to study a new relationship between reason and faith in this way: “the desire to mobilize modern reason against the defeatism that lurks within it.” 

Habermas sees this “defeatism of reason” at work both in “positivistic scientism” and in the “tendencies of a modernization run amok that seems to obstruct rather than to foster the imperatives of its moral view of justice.” It’s a secular lesson that has much to teach to Catholics fascinated by modern rationalism. 

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