Pope John Paul II and Evolution

In an excellent article, The Mystery of human Origins: Which theories are compatible with Catholic faith?, Mark Brumley quotes some central passages from Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI on the issue:

“Rightly comprehended, faith in creation or a correctly understood teaching of evolution does not create obstacles: evolution in fact presupposes creation; creation situates itself in the light of evolution as an event which extends itself through time – as a continual creation – in which God becomes visible to the eyes of the believers as ‘Creator of heaven and earth'” (JP II, 1985 Sympsoium on Evolution).

“the theory of natural evolution, understood in a sense that does not preclude divine causality, is not in pricnicple opposed to the truth of the visible world, as presented in the book of Genesis (General Audience, Jan 28 1986)

“It therefore can be said that , from the viewpoint of the doctrine of faith, there are no difficulties in explaining the origin of man in regard to the body, by means of the theory of evolution. But it must be added that this hypothesis proposes only a probability, not a scientific certainty. However, the doctrine of faith invariably affirms that man’s spiritual soul is created directly by God…” (General Audience, April 16 1986).

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