Peace, Love and Nature… a different take

Here is a different angle to the relationship to the iconic “Peace and Love” of the 60’s, and the philo-environmentalism associated to it. Fr. Cantalamessa, the Pope’s preacher. His talk is called “God is Love” delivered in his Lenten Homily series. We heard Cantalamessa before on creation and the spiritual life during Advent. The key point in relation to nature, is how creation is made for love to happen. He also makes a great case for Reconciliation at the end. A different formula for authentic love, real peace and long lasting reconciliation with creation. Read below the key passages:

  • According to rabbinic theology, endorsed by the Holy Father in his recent book on Jesus, “The cosmos was created, not that there might be manifold things in heaven and earth, but that there might be a space for the ‘covenant,’ for the loving ‘yes’ between God and his human respondent”[5]. Creation is ordained to the dialogue of the love of God for his creatures. How far on this point is the Christian vision of the universe from that of atheist scientism recalled in Advent! One of the most profound sufferings for a young man or a girl is to discover that they are in the world by chance, not wanted, not awaited, perhaps by a mistake of their parents. A certain atheist scientism seems determined to inflict this type of suffering on the whole of humanity.
  • The world has always made it more difficult to believe in love… Disenchantment and cynicism is the mark of our secularized culture. On the personal plane there is then the experience of our poverty and misery that make us say: “Yes, this love of God is beautiful, but it isn’t for me. I am not worthy.” Men need to know that God loves them and no one better than the disciples of Christ are able to take this good news to them. Others, in the world, share with Christians the fear of God, concern for social justice and respect for man, for peace and tolerance; but no one — I say no one — among the philosophers, or among the religions, says to man that God loves him, he loved man first and he loves him with a love of mercy and of desire: with eros and agape.

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