Neo-paganism, Modern Polytheism and the Environment

Vatican insider Sandro Magister has an excellent summary and commentary of the latest comments of Pope Benedict XVI with regards to modern tendencies towards religious polytheism and neo-paganism. We must remember that Benedict XVI closely tied modern environmental ideas with neo-pagan and pseudo religious tendencies of our age in his historic speech on the environment for the World Day of Peace of 2010, which for some represent his notoriety as ‘green Pope’. In this article Magister shows the latest thinking of the Holy Father. Here one passage from his homily, highlighting how the Pope sees climate change:

We see this today, with the climatic problems, how the foundations of the earth are threatened, but they are threatened by our behavior. The outer foundations are shaken because the inner foundations are shaken, the moral and religious foundations, the faith that leads to the right way of life. And we know that the faith is the foundation, and, without a doubt, the foundations of the earth cannot be shaken if the faith, the true wisdom, stands firm.

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