Mission Trips with Creatio

Mission trips have been part of Christian life for centuries, and continuing to serve the poorest of the poor around the world is something we are called to do.


Creatio Mission Trips primarily serve Latin and South America and we have a strong relationship with Sodalitium Christianae Vitae in Peru.


Mission Trips can be physically demanding like a Creatio Adventure Trip and incorporate spirituality like a Creatio Pilgrimage. However, service to the poor sets the Mission Trip apart and brings a third and vital dimension into our lives as Christians.


As we temper our bodies with the challenge of adventure, and our minds in the solitude of pilgrimage, a Creatio Mission Trip is the perfect opportunity to present our best self to others; others who may be facing poverty of body or spirit and look to you to model Christ to them.


Creatio Mission trips include material projects like greenhouses and clean cookstoves, improving the physical health of impoverished people. Or through partners in Denver like Christ in the City who minister to urban homeless.

Ready to give back? Contact us for more on upcoming Mission Trip opportunities and ideas on how you can help.