Men’s Hut Trip

December 11-13, 2020: Men’s Hut Trip


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Be there – or be not there.

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Participants will split the cost of the trip between themselves. Creatio simply requests all participants to pay us for their share of the hut cost up-front.

Please Bring

Your own gear

An open mind

A willingness to engage in deeper conversation

Who: Ragtag group of dudes 12 total – Thanks, ‘rona

What: Spend a weekend at a primitive alpine mountain hut to share in deep conversation, brotherhood, and contemplation of beauty.

When: Dec. 11 12:00 PM – 13th 5:00 PM

Why: We need to slow down, sit back, enjoy a fire, brotherhood, some cards, the beauty of the mountains, and great conversation.

Where: Uncle Bud’s Hut (10th Mountain Division), Leadville, CO

Creatio Men's Trip

What do we ask of you?

You are to provide your own gear and plan for car-pooling. Come with a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone with things such as technological dependence and amenities. Any purchases that are made for the group will be split using cash or Venmo. We will also create a group chat for car-pool plans and any gear needs.

There will be a meeting (or check-in) for all trip participants a few days before we embark. This is important because we want to share in creating a vision for this trip and delegate roles and responsibilities amongst us – we want you to be a part of the planning process!

Let us know if you have any questions – and sign up soon. Feel free to invite others to come along; just confirm that there is a spot open for them (we are limited to 10 participants). We will not count you as a participant until you sign up online, and we want you and your friends to come!

“Adventure, with all its requisite danger and wildness, is a deeply spiritual longing written into the soul of man. The masculine heart needs a place where nothing is prefabricated, modular, nonfat, ziplock, franchised, on-line, microwavable. Where there are no deadlines, cell phones, or committee meetings. Where there is room for the soul. Where, finally, the geography around us corresponds to the geography of our heart.” – John Eldredge, Wild at Heart

Let’s give this thing a shot!


12:00 P.M. Meet at the Creatio office if you would like to caravan out – 623 Fox St. Denver, CO 80204

3:00 P.M. Arrive at trailhead and hike/snowshoe/ski up to the hut

4:30 P.M. Arrive at the hut, start cooking dinner, hang out by the fire

Morning: Breakfast, free time to ski/explore/build igloos/etc.

Afternoon: Lunch, then discussion time

Evening: Cards, Dinner, then discussion by fire

Breakfast, then clean up and head out for mass at 12:30 in Silverthorne



  • Sleeping bag (packable, rated to under 30 Degrees F)
  • Sleeping pad
  • Day Pack (20-35L)
  • Hiking boots/ shoes (waterproof)
  • Non-cotton Dri-Fit Clothing – (1 underwear, 1 extra shirt – minimum)
  • Non-cotton socks / Hiking Socks (Merino Wool)
  • Hiking Pants and/or shorts (helpful to have non-cotton, also longer pants for cool nights and bugs)
  • Layers (Down Jacket / Merino Wool or Fleece layers)
  • Rain Jacket (Rain pants if you have them) – storms are unpredictable
  • Puffy jacket
  • Gaiters (for if you are snowshoeing)
  • Water Bottles/ Bladder (2-3 L Capacity)
  • Hat (Warm)
  • Gloves (light)
  • Sunscreen 
  • Sunglasses, hat
  • Headlamp / Flashlight
  • Prescription and non-prescription medications
  • Toiletries– toothbrush, toothpaste, contact case and solution (minimum)
  • ID
  • Snacks
  • Optional Items
    • Skis/Snowboard
    • Snowshoes
    • Helmet – (mountaineering or bike helmets for caving)
    • Anything that might be fun –  hacky sacks, cards, cigars, etc
    • Hiking Poles
    • Multi-tool and/or Knife
    • Compass
    • Phone (Camera)
    • The venerable old Kukri

Health & Safety Information

We require all participants to review and follow these guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: (as of 6/1/20)

1. Masks – Masks must be worn at all times
2. Carpooling – Carpooling to/from starting points and the destination will not be allowed unless from the same household.
3. Symptom Checking – Participants must take their temperature 24 hours before and the day of, and report any symptoms to Creatio staff. They cannot participate if feeling ill.
4. Social Distancing – All participants must stay at least 6 feet apart from one another.
5. Hand Hygiene – All participants are recommended to carry hand hygiene supplies – hand sanitizer (70%) or biodegradable hand soap.
6. Travel Regulations – All participants and leaders will be required to follow government, state, and county regulations regarding travel distances and locations.