Lobsters and Humans Getting Along

There is an interesting artcicle in the NYT on the current lobster boom in Maine. To a large extent this is due to human intervention, strict conservation laws, that have strengthened the lobster population. In the long run, 15 years, the effects seem to be visible.

As an undergraduate student at Bowdoin College I remember doing research for The Lobster Conservancy in Maine, looking at factors that made certain bays especially good for lobster reproduction. Apart from quite some time doing GIS work, we went to visit these bays and found some baby lobsters like the one on the picture above. We were not able to identify the factors that led to successful reproduction at that point; but someone seems to have done a good job. This is a great example of how humans are intended to be part of creation, and have a positve role to play in reconciliation. Below the words of one of the ‘reconcilers’ who worked on this project:

“For every one that comes to market,” said Dane Somers, executive director of the Maine Lobster Council, “about three go back into the water for conservation. Can you even get your mind around how many we’re talking about?”

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