Jungle Violence

Recently my friend Jose Miguel Yturralde sent me an Easter note from the Ecuadorian jungle where he works for an oil company. Jose Miguel has written for this blog before here and here. As a Catholic and environmentalist, he is in a tough position. Now it is the ‘human ecology’ that is being disturbed, with rival tribes killing each other.

To this day there are tribes that have chosen to refuse contact with civilization as explained in this article, that have killed Waorani indians. Below is a picture of Ompore Omeway, the only man in Ecuador who had contact with these tribes and chose to live in solitude in the jungle. He was killed on march 5th and found with 15 arrows in his body. The attacks have increased and now the Waoranis have sought their revenge. The above map shows the attacks and violence. So much for the romantic vision of the ‘noble savage’ and uncontaminated indian. Human nature, is human nature.

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