Is it possible to be happy with this life?



The question: “Is it possible to be happy with this life?” is a line from a video produced by Gnarly Bay productions. I don’t know much about Gnarly Bay, except that they produce excellent narrative and visual material. The answer to the question seems to be: yes, it is possible, in NATURE  fundamentally, through adventure and with others. Fundamentally I think this video is an interesting counter point for comparison with another approach which asks a similar question and has a slightly different answer: Into the Wild and the life of Chris McCandless.


While both express adventure and nature as possible answers to the question of happiness, Gnarly Bay has an additional aspect that is the key distinction between the two: community. (And a lot less drama too.)  I just wonder if the communitarian aspect reflects somewhat of a cultural change since the 90’s which McCandless to some degree represents.  Is the current college generation searching for happiness in nature, but in community now? Or maybe I should say it this way: Is the current college generation searching? for happiness? in nature?, but in community now? A lot of assumptions and questions, I welcome your input.

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