2022 Lenten Blog Series | Gratitude

How often do we take things for granted?

Isn’t it so easy to walk through the day-to-day life often with barely a thought of gratitude for the gifts we receive?

Back in January, I fractured the top of my tibia while backcountry skiing. The healing process took 8 weeks overall and in the grand scale, it was a short time period, but it challenged me in profound ways. On the weekends when I’d usually be out adventuring in the mountains I was forced to sit and be still.  I suddenly couldn’t do the simplest tasks without the help of others — getting in and out of a car, doing my laundry or going to the grocery store. I spent many moments frustrated and upset. Yet, one of the greatest gifts during this time was the selfless love and care I received from friends, co-workers, and family from afar who helped me realize I couldn’t just sit and be completely miserable. 

A broken leg is not something to be grateful for in itself, but what stemmed from the experience was valuable time for me to stop and recognize where I’d been lacking in gratitude. 

It’s easy to be thankful for the “big” moments we experience, but we often fall short in the “small” moments where transformation of the heart can also happen. 

Behind every created thing there is a Creator, and every aspect of creation is a gift. Each snowflake resting on the branch of a pine tree, every grain of sand on a beach, relationships we form and quality time we spend with loved ones.  We must orient ourselves toward deep gratitude to God for these intricacies of this life — they are vast and absolutely astounding when we take the time to reflect. We must be able to sit in wonder and awe at the magnitude of love being poured out for us. 

As we develop a greater sense of gratitude, we will also experience greater joy in all circumstances. It allows us to realize and appreciate the goodness that surrounds us and that it does come from God, our Creator. 

During this Lenten season, I invite you to take extra time to reflect on the simple moments that might be easy to pass by quickly. There is immense Beauty in many forms that call us to encounter our Creator, but we must recognize it, allow it to touch our hearts, and continue moving us closer to God. 


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