God Moments on a Creatio Hut Trip in Colorado

2018 Creatio Hut Trip

By: Katie M.

Come, Holy Spirit Come…

As I begin to write this blog before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I am overcome with joy and excitement at the fact of being able to share how Christ worked in my heart and my life through the 2018 Creatio Betty Bear Hut Trip.

My name is Katie, and I am a 26-year-old pediatric nurse, currently living in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I recently was blessed to travel out to Colorado to embark on an adventure with 16 other individuals who were seeking community, the chance to grow in their faith, and the opportunity to experience the beauty of Christ through nature.  Jesus certainly did not fail to deliver in any of those three aspects…

Over the past several years, I have learned that Jesus speaks to me through everyday experiences that He gives me.  He did just that this hut trip.  He showed me His desire for me to be truly happy.  He did this through the kindness, generosity, fun-loving, and amazing personalities of the 16 other people who He called on the trip.  He showed me my physical potential and allowed me to make this connection to my spiritual potential and journey to sanctity.

After a long day of hiking we were on the final uphill stretch to the hut.  I was tired but I had an amazing group of people laughing, struggling, and persevering with me on the way.  As we finally saw the hut for the first time, I’ve honestly never felt more joy, excitement, and relief as I did in that moment.

It was truly symbolic of reaching heaven, along with all of my friends who are striving to grow in sanctity.  As each of the 16 members approach the hut, the ones who were already there would cheer and clap and help them into the hut.  This was Jesus showing me how the saints up in heaven will rejoice as we all come home.

Lastly, Jesus showed me the beauty of walking through life with him.  While it can be difficult at times, as we are stretching ourselves to our full, amazing potential … there is so much joy, beauty, and laughter in this hike to holiness.

Jesus was able to give me so many wonderful gifts through the Creatio Hut Trip.  Friendships that I trust will last a lifetime, community in the breaking of bread and preparing and sharing in meals (and drinking of whiskey), Mass in the hut, the opportunity to push myself physically and spiritually, and most importantly to grow in holiness and my trust in Jesus’ unfailing love for me

“The higher we go the better we shall hear the voice of Christ,” – Bessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

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