God and Secularism

Among some of the comments there has been debate on how Habermas and Ratzinger see their own positions with regards to “The Dialectics of Secularization”. While there is much agreement in the book of this title, Habermas does say in “Between Naturalism and Religion” that he doesn’t think that burka’s should be banned from personal use and that crosses should be banned from schools. I don’t think Ratzinger would agree. Anyway, as tensions flare up in France as we speak since the Burka was banned last week, here is a good video that shows the “unfair” or “asymetrical” burden placed on rleigious people. It is a great illustration of the problem that pluralism in modernity faces on the question of God.


3 thoughts on “God and Secularism

  1. The burka issue in France as an example of secularism against religion raises the concern – Is wearing a cross next? As a supporter of religious freedom, especially it’s expression in the public square I am compelled to side with the French Muslims. In that resoect, we are allies to confront anti-religious secularism. However, their apprehension over religious discrimination needs to be kept in perspective.
    I have seen Islam up close and personal in Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the first Gulf War. I have observed the intolerance at best and hostility at worst by some Islamic regimes attitude toward Christians practice and expression of our faith. So, I would challenge Islamic regimes to defend the rights of Christians to even have a Bible, to freely practice our faith, and to evangelize. But the glaring issue and the “elephant in the room” that is often left out of the discussion is the oppression of Christianity by both government and Muslims that is leading to many Christian martyrs in Islamic countries and a new Diaspora of Middle Eastern Christians.

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