How you can get involved

Creatio is always looking for adventurous and talented men and women who are on fire for their Catholic faith and want to share it with others through outdoor adventures and missions. See below how you can offer your skills to help grow our mission.

Who We Are: Creatio is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit Catholic organization in the state of Colorado, and our mission is to guide all people to encounter the beauty of creation and the Creator through service to the poor, mission trips, outdoor adventure, and environmental stewardship.

What We Do: Creatio works to promote this mission of reconciling human persons with the environment through service to the poor, mission trips, outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship.  Through these experiences, we work to create an environment of encounter – encounter with God, with ourselves, with others, and with creation. Creatio members are volunteers, professionals, and friends working to address environmental and human issues on a deeper level.  Our goal is to facilitate an active transformation of ourselves and others, as well as the environment.

Some Possible Ways to Volunteer:

On-the-ground support in Peru (3-12 months)

Trip Guiding



We’d love to hear what other skills you could offer!

Why Volunteer?

Live abroad and learn Spanish

Free or discounted Creatio Experiences

Wilderness First Aid cost reimbursed

Gain practical experience in your specialized field

Bring young adults closer to encountering Christ through the beauty of creation

Volunteer Abroad FAQ's

  • What kind of work would I be doing if I volunteered in Peru?
There are a variety of projects, but some of the most critical needs are working in the remote Andean region of Ayaviri (4 hours from Cusco) to assist in projects such as: clean water access, social programs with the disabled, hosting and assisting with mission trips, etc. This page will give you a little more information about the projects in that area. You would be helping in any and all projects that have the greatest need. As you would have limited oversight, the role would be best for someone who is highly enterprising and flexible in new, uncomfortable environments.
  • Would I be by myself? Or would I be stationed with other missionaries?
 We don’t have Creatio staff members permanently working in the region; instead you would be working alongside our project partners. These include employees of Caritas, brothers of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, and professionals from the Universidad Católica San Pablo.
  • How does funding work, would I have to fundraise the money for this, or would Creatio pay for it? If I have to fundraise how much would it cost per month?

 This would depend on how long you wanted to remain in the region, the type of work, and where you would be lodging. Creatio may also be able to subsidize part of your costs, but a ballpark estimate would be fundraising around $800-1200 per month.

  • Is there an intake period before being sent out, or would I get sent straight into Peru?
 While we have done a large variety of mission and adventure trips to Peru over the last ten years, this long-term volunteer program is new for us as well, so we would need to provide you with around two to five days of onboarding which would ideally take place in our offices in Denver.
  • Do I need do speak Spanish?
  •  A conversational Spanish ability is highly recommended for most of our projects abroad. However, depending on the need, there may be roles for non-Spanish speakers in bigger cities like Lima, Peru.

Please email info@creatio.org with a summary of your background and how your skillset may be able to help grow our mission.