We Accept Applications Year Round!

Currently Hiring for Fall 2023

Creatio is offering a full-time position to an adventurous, organized, self-motivated and highly skilled individual who is in love with his/her Catholic faith and has a passion to share it with others through outdoor adventures and mission trips. Please read the following information for instructions on how to apply.

Who We Are: Creatio is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit Catholic organization in the state of Colorado, and our mission is to guide all people to encounter the beauty of creation and the Creator through service to the poor, mission trips, outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship.

What We Do: Creatio works to promote the mission of reconciling human persons with the environment through service to the poor, mission trips, outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship.  Through these experiences, we work to create an environment of encounter – encounter with God, with ourselves, with others, and with creation. Creatio members are volunteers, professionals, and friends working to address environmental and human issues on a deeper level.  Our goal is to facilitate an active transformation of ourselves and others, as well as the environment.

Start date: August 2023

Commitment: We ask that participants make a commitment of two years from the start date. Additional commitment can be determined at the end of the initial years.

Location: Denver, CO

Prerequisite: We ask that applicants attend a Creatio Experience prior to or during the application process. Please reach out to info@creatio.org with questions on this.


Application Deadline: Hiring Process for 2022 has been completed!

Reach out to us (info@creatio.org) if you are interested for next year!


Experience Planning & Guiding: Diligently plan and confidently lead outdoor adventures and mission trips, including thorough trip preparation, execution, and follow-up, while keeping participants safe, engaged, and having fun. This includes scheduling, budgeting, communication with participants and locals, logistics planning, leading talks, directing work projects, enforcing safety protocol, etc. A typical Missionary Guide will lead or co-lead 8-15 multi-day Experiences (around 2-5 of those international) and many day trips in a given year.

Discipleship: Actively live out a “culture of invitation” by forming authentic friendships with people in your everyday life (at the gym, coffee shop, concert, etc.) and at the proper time, engage in spiritual dialogue and activities, inviting them to have encounters with Christ and His Church through Creatio Experiences. Host a men’s/women’s small group dive deeper into the bible, church teachings, virtues, etc.

In-Office Specialization: Utilize your specific gifts and talents or learn new ones to advance the mission of Creatio in a distinct area (e.g. marketing, care for creation, local initiatives, etc).

Support Raising: Engage family, friends, and anyone who may be interested in the mission of Creatio to financially support your efforts as a missionary. You will receive a stipend your first two months, after which time you are expected to be fully self-sufficient with support.

Outreach: Identify and connect with potential trip participants, organizations, universities and parishes to form new relationships and grow the impact of Creatio worldwide.

Certifications: Become certified as a Wilderness First Responder and Certified Outdoor Guide (Creatio will cover cost of these).

Travel: Fly to mission and adventure locations throughout the world to guide participants to encounter the beauty of creation and the Creator.

Qualified Candidates will Possess

A profound desire to lead others into a deep relationship with Christ and the Catholic Church, especially those who are not practicing Catholic.

Proficiency in Spanish (conversational at minimum or strong desire to learn).

Desire to serve the poor and improve the livelihood of others.

Experience organizing or leading mission and/or adventure trips.

Exceptional leadership skills with the ability to work effectively in a team and independently as demonstrated by previous work or internship experience.

Problem solving skills, strong attention to detail and critical thinking abilities.

Good writing and verbal communication skills.

International travel experience.

Ability to work with a diverse client base from various cultures, languages and backgrounds.

Tentative Timeline


• In-office orientation

• In-office support raising training

• Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Training

• Staff outdoor excursion and spiritual formation

• Travel back home for support raising


• [At home for support raising]


• [At home for support raising]


• Onboarding training


• Training continues

• Start planning & leading Experiences

JANUARY 2023 until Summer 2024

• Continue planning & leading Experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

The expectation is that after receiving thorough support raising training, you will be sent home for approximately seven weeks, after which time the majority of your support raising will be completed (you will have mission partners supporting monthly). On an ongoing basis, you will dedicate around 4-8 hours/week of your time to steward existing mission partners and identify new ones as necessary.

This consists of a two-day workshop. We will have support-raising advisers available to you throughout your employment to answer questions, mentor you, and give feedback on the support-raising process. You will also participate in a weekly one-on-one support raising meeting. We all want you to succeed so our team is here for you and has many tips to share.

No. The applicant is responsible for including housing in his/her support raising budget. Creatio can assist with housing recommendations.

No. We will cover the cost of all mission and pilgrimage travel expenses.

Yes – since we are a growing organization, there is a ton of room for advancement. This will be based on your desire to take on new roles as you get more familiar with Creatio.

We will continue to have several more pilgrimages, adventures and missions ongoing after the initial seven months. The role will remain pretty consistent for the remainder of the year with your focus being on guiding Experiences, outreach to your local community, and maintaining your support-raising goal.

God has given us the great gift of calling us to serve Him in a very concrete way by physically bringing his Word to the very poorest in our generation. Poverty in our age is not only an external reality, but in internal one, as Pope Benedict XVI reminded us in his first homily as Holy Father: “The external deserts in the world are growing, because the internal deserts have become so vast.” Both the poorest of the poor in the 3rd world, along with the rapidly growing “unaffiliated – nones” of our generation need to hear the saving Truth of the Gospel. We have the great opportunity to look into the faces of the people we will serve. What a blessing! Many people do not have the opportunity to serve on the frontlines of evangelization; however, we have the opportunity to invite others to join us in this mission. God calls us all to be missionaries in different ways. “Some give by going, others go by giving.” We have the ability to help others answer their specific call from God. Asking others to join in this mission is opening up a door for them to serve the Lord. It is a gift to them!

We want to invite our applicants to encounter Creatio in a real, tangible way. By joining us on a Creatio Experience, applicants will be able to see the Missionary Guide role played out concretely and it will assist in the overall discernment process.

Start your Creatio journey by filling out an application above.

Please email info@creatio.org with any questions.