Fundraising With Creatio

It may be surprising to learn that fundraising can be more than just asking friends and family for cash.  When done correctly you can not only pay for most or all of your mission trip or pilgrimage, but gain a better appreciation for your own experience, grow in virtue, and spread the word about a worthwhile cause.  Plus, the time you spend preparing via fundraising in advance of your trip will deepen your experience abroad.  The more often you explain your purpose to a potential donor, the more clear your purpose in volunteering, walking or discovering will become to you, too.


So what does a successful fundraiser look like?  We’ve compiled some tried-and-true methods into easy action items.  Download our in-depth .PDF guide for details on how to launch and manage a fundraiser.


When you’re ready to get started, we offer an easy-to-use service so you can direct donors to your own webpage.  The best time to start fundraising for your trip was yesterday, so do not wait.  Get started today!

(Fundraising .PDF opens in a new window.)

How Linda Fundraised 100% Of Her Mission With Creatio

Create a Personal Fundraising Page

You can start raising funds to cover the cost of your Adventure Mission with a custom fundraising page!  Kindful is an online fundraising platform that specializes in non-profits.  They will securely process contributions from your own donors and credit your account with us.

If you already registered for an Adventure Mission and haven’t yet received a link to create a fundraiser, contact us receive your personalized link.