Faith and Environment

I have been debating about becoming a blogger for a while now. This is an experiment. I have been interested in both faith and environmental issues, and especially their interaction, for a long time. Much of my interest in following the blogosphere has been to understand environmental issues well in order to speak and act with authority from the perspective of faith with regards to nature. I am certain that faith and an approach to reality that is open to God, the Creator of the environment, has much to offer to the environmental debate. As a graduate student at CU Boulder I have a unique opportunity to comment and study with expertise on many environmental issues, and have some of the worlds experts as colleagues and resources on issues such as climate change, biodiversity, environmental ethics and philosophy. Since there are few bloggers making the connection at this level I decided to be one of the first and start a blog.

I am especially interested in the Catholic approach to environmental issues. Catholics especially, and Christians in general, by following the lead of Christ who is the “the Truth” (Jn 14, 6) and the responsibility that this claim carries, have a particularly important commitment to ensure that their positions on environmental issues represent the truth. Because of this claim to truth I am particularly interested in statements from the Catholic Church, but also in commenting and contrasting with other faith positions, secular and philosophical approaches, as well as science and technology issues.

More soon on the responsibility to uphold the truth… For now, let the blog begin!

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