Environmental Fun

Here’s a creative way to approach the environment, the Volkswagen funded “Fun Theory”. You can see some videos, as below, of how fun improves sustainability, and physical fitness.


While this idea is creative, and certainly fun, it may be a little naive to convey  that fun can, and even should, solve our environmental problems. Sorry to be the fun spoiler. Well, I’m not the original fun spoiler, Revkin suggests this is about marketing and consumption (this was fun for Volkswagen who made good marketing). Also there are ethical questions debated here, with an excerpt below:

The first theme involves the ethics of this kind of marketing, where the viewer spends nearly two minutes immersed in a pleasant experience (with no reference to Volkswagen throughout) and completes their experience with a very brief reference to the company that funded a cool experiment that made the viewer smile.

This is not a rational argument to convince the viewer to buy a product. There is no product! Instead, it is an attempt to associate subconcious feelings about fun, music, community, etc. with the emotional content of an auto manufacturer’s brand image – and a very successful attemp at that.

While fun does seem to work for some specific examples, there are many solutions to problems, and environmental problems, that may not be fun. Some of the great achievements of humanity have probably not been fun. I think the environmental one, though it may include fun, will take a lot more. I wonder how much money was spent on the fun theory, but maybe using it for helping the poor and suffering theory may have helped the world more? But that doesn’t create fuzzy feelings you want to associate with a brand.

Its not about been un-fun, but realistic and having fun in its place. But sure, for now have fun and enjoy, the best video, in my opinion, is below.


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