Eco pilgrimage in Europe

The Catholic Bishops in Europe are promoting an eco-pilgrimage to promote environmental awareness and deepen on the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI on the environment. Below an itinerary of the trip taken from the official website.

“The itinerary will bring us to the waters of the Danube (by boat from Esztergom to Bratislava), along the roads of Slovakia and Austria (by coach from Bratislava to St. Pölten), before continuing by train (from St. Pölten to Lake “Erlaufsee”) and doing the last 10 km of the pilgrimage to Mariazell on foot. Making use of what we will see on the way in the different places, we will introduce into the programme opportunities for exchange and reflection on different themes: water, energy (there will be a visit to one of the largest biodiesel refineries in Europe, at  Komárom, in Hungary) and the relationship between development, peace and custody of creation.”

Seems like a great idea. Perhaps this could be replicated in North America and other continents too…

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