Drinking and Smoking Animal Edition

Recently there have been some somewhat humorous, one perhaps concerning, events involving the animal kingdom and some human vices. The first case is a drunk elk in Sweden. This one got stuck in a tree after stuffing itself with fermented apples. It took neighbours, a hunter and the fire brigade to pull him out. It took a while to recover, so he was quite drunk.

The second case involves Shirley, an orangutan in Malaysia, known for smoking cigarettes thrown to her by visitors. She is about 20 years old and is moving to Borneo to a ‘healthier’ environment. There are som claims that she is seriously addicted:

Nature Alert, a British-based activist group, had raised its concerns with Malaysian officials more than a year ago after conservationists shot footage of Shirley being thrown lit cigarettes.They claimed on their website at the time that she “appears to suffer severe mood swings, sometimes looking drowsy – as if drugged, other times without a cigarette she was very agitated, looking as if she could be suffering withdrawal symptoms”.

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