Disasters and Climate Change

Roger Pielke Jr. has a recent set of posts and data on his blog, dealing a death blow to the conflation between extreme weather events and climate change.  This kind of stuff isn’t new, but there is some new data out which makes the correlation harder to prove. Here is one post with a good graph on hurricane landfalls over the years.

Here is another post with the Sunday Times putting the IPCC to shame, and the IPCC reacting like Cristiano Ronaldo. Below with Roger’s conclusion and a video of Ronaldo…

The bottom line is that the Sunday Times article has proven correct comprehensively on the substantive and procedural aspects of the IPCC’s failures (the substance of which hasrecently been reaffirmed by the IPCC SREX report).

The IPCC 26 January 2010 press release still sits uncorrected on the IPCC website (here in PDF). If the IPCC has a commitment to getting things right, shouldn’t it correct “baseless and misleading” claims that it has made?


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