Crisis of faith

An interesting CNN article describes the crisis of faith in the youth of today. Though this describes Christians mostly, I think it applies in a large extent to many expressions of Catholicism  as well Рjust my opinion from anecdotal evidence. Perhaps those most experienced with youth ministry can say more. Things described in the article include:

  • “pastors often preach a safe message that can bring in the largest number of congregants. The result: more people and yawning in the pews.”
  • “Corrie says she sees no shortage of teenagers who want to be inspired and make the world better. But the Christianity some are taught doesn’t inspire them “to change anything that’s broken in the world.”
  • “Teens want to be challenged; they want their tough questions taken on, she says. “We think that they want cake, but they actually want steak and potatoes, and we keep giving them cake,” Corrie says.
  • “Others practice a “gospel of niceness,” where faith is simply doing good and not ruffling feathers. The Christian call to take risks, witness and sacrifice for others is muted, she says.”

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