Creatio in Colombia

As the summer approaches its official end, Tom Collingwood, reports on his summer project in Colombia with Creatio:

In an order to expand out nature stewardship efforts Creatio recently provided school based retreats on Creation Stewardship at Christian Life Movement (CLM) schools in Colombia this past May. These retreats were delivered by Creatio to over 100 junior and high school students in two schools in Bogotá and Medellin that are administered by the Sodalit community. The focus of the retreats was on a program called “Eco-Fit” which teaches stewardship of the environment and stewardship of the body as being two similar lifestyles to meet our obligations to support a healthy environment and a healthy body. Since our body is a self contained ecosystem and we need energy to take care of creation, developing one’s physical fitness is part of developing a “fit” environment. Activities included nature hikes, discussions and physical fitness assessments.

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