Creatio Conference – Rio WYD 2013

There are many different media sources which show the Creatio Conference “Jesus and Nature: Catholic Perspectives on Environmental Issues”, presented in Rio from July 22-24 for WYD. Thanks to all who participated and supported the event.

1. The Catholic News Agency featured an article here, and below is an excerpt:

Respect for the environment is a matter of justice, connected to respect for human life and founded upon our relationship with God and his creation, said Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana.

“The concern for the earth must go in tandem – side-by-side – with concern for human life itself,” he said.

The cardinal, who heads the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, spoke last week to a group of pilgrims at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He delivered the keynote address at a conference hosted by Creatio, a group that seeks to address environmental problems by promoting reconciliation between humans and creation.

“I think it’s very providential that we’re gathered here in Rio,” he said, noting that the city has hosted prominent United Nations environmental meetings, dealing with sustainability and solidarity with past and future generations…

2. Here is the video about Creatio prepared for the WYD Conference:



3. On facebook, Sophie Caldecott published many photos and summaries of the activities during the event.


4. Here is a press release  and video summary made for Spanish speakers about the Conference:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/71159153]

Enjoy! Soon each of the speakers presentations will be posted on the website, along with an institutional video about the WYD conference. On Sept 1st the papers will be published too.

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  1. I want to let everyone know about a beautiful book I just read on environmental protection and God and faith-based solutions to the problem of climate change and global warming: It’s called (polemically) Godless Environmentalism: The Failure of Environmental Protection and Our Hidden Power to Save the Planet. It’s available through Amazon also in ebook form and it’s a must read for people of faith to understand how the Bible and the Creation narrative hold the key to understanding the dialogue between the Lord and His world. I even came across a YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKzcvb7ZbRmU928UpmZvWxg?feature=watch with clips related to the book. A must-read for everyone interested in this topic.

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