Creatio Conference Keynote Speaker Appointed by Pope

Archbishop Chaput at the Creatio Conference 2009

Recent news has revealed the appointment of Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver to the Metropolitan See of Philadelphia, made official today. News can be seen here, here and here. What is notable is that archbishop Chaput was appointed directly by the Pope, against the suggested names given to him in the process.

The Archbishop was the keynote speaker at the first Creatio Conference in 2009 at St. Malo Retreat Center, and spoke about the importance of Catholicism for the environmental challenges of today. He will also be featured in the upcoming 13 episode documentary “The 4th Rupture: A Path Towards Reconciliation” on EWTN, speaking on the Church’s role in stewardship. It is a great blessing to have had the support and guidance of a Bishop soon to be made Cardinal, since Philadelphia usually is the See of a Cardinal.

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