Creatio at WYD in Madrid

Amidst the many cultural events at WYD Madrid 2011, there was one that focused on the environment: “Encountering Christ in the beauty of creation”. Below some pictures of the event approved officially by the WYD 2011 committee. Speakers included Pablo Martinez de Anguita, the event organizer, along with Sister Mary Savino of the University of St. Thomas in Texas, Mary Taylor of Pax in Terra and Ricardo Simmonds, director of Creatio. After the event the truly Catholic nature of the Church was made clear with participation from the audience, coming from countries as varied as Angola, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador and others. The attendance¬†also evidenced the broad interest of Catholics on environmental issues. For more information go to the Creatio webpage and for the full photo gallery, go to the Creatio facebook page.


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