Contemporary Watermelon

This is  an opinion piece and guest post by Tom Collingwood. Thanks Tom:

Former “Green jobs Czar” under President Obama, Van Jones is now calling for environmental laws that would give mother nature the same status as human beings. While at first blush this appears as a silly agenda, upon reflection there is a more serious side to his efforts. As a self described Marxist, Jones is an example of what are becoming known as “watermelons”.  These are environmental advocates who can be described as green on the outside but red on the inside. They believe that the central enemy of mother earth is capitalism and with a basic Marxist/socialist view of economics use environmental issues and concerns to advance their political and economic agendas.

Jones has joined the board of the Pachamama Alliance which is pushing the Global Alliance for the Rights of Mother Nature. This organization is working with the UN and other organizations to get enforceable legislation for so called “mother earth rights” at local and national levels. While their website information and announcements appear benign enough, a closer scrutiny of cooperating organizations and individuals such as Van Jones suggests a cautious vigilance. It is a world view based on Pantheism. Those who seriously want to care for creation need to be leery of such organizations, their lofty goals and their hidden agendas.

Stewardship is the responsibility God has given us in caring for his creation. Our human rights derive from God and his natural law. Likewise any rights afforded nature also come from God not from man. Such rights are not equal to, let alone superior to the rights of man. Scripture tells us that we have special authority over creation and are linked in a cooperative relationship based on our responsible stewardship.

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