Climate Change and Severe Weather: Al Gore in Scotland

Al Gore spoke yesterday at the Scottish Low Carbon Investment conference in Edinburgh, and once again made claims that are questionable. For what he said see a BBC article here, and Guardian here. The gist of it is that the recent severe weather events are a proof of the need to act promptly on climate change, and that all serious scientists back this up. Well… some say that this is not the case, as was clear in the debate about hurricane Irene. Roger Pielke has another take here.  The issue is so unclear, that Pielke doesn’t think its worth talking about, and if you follow the threads, you will see he can back it up with data, and supporting information from others. It doesn’t deny climate change has an impact on weather, but it certainly doesn’t prove it.  Below the Guardian article title:

Al Gore: clear proof that climate change causes extreme weather

Former US vice president tells Scottish green conference that evidence from floods in Pakistan and China is compelling

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