Climate Change and Reconciliation

There are 2 good posts/articles that talk about reconciliation related to climate change, though in different and indirect ways. The first one, which touches on the Copenhagen Climate Summit, comes from a clearly Catholic perspective but indirectly calls for the reconciliation of human beings with themselves. Applebaum does a great, and simple, job of showing the anti-human sentiment that is tied to climate change debates. Read it here.

The other post is from a scientist, or group of scientists, that are meeting over the next few days in Lisbon, Portugal. The title of their conference is “Lisbon Workshop on Reconciliation in the Climate Change¬†Debate”. Judi Curry is honest that she is not clear on what this means, and it doesn’t seem that conference organizers are aware of the theological implications of reconciliation. But it certainly seems like a positive approach, and maybe a theologian could give some insight into the full extent of reconciliation. Next week I will pick up on this and post on the theology of reconciliation.

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