CELAM Ecology Conference in Buenos Aires

A Catholic symposium on the “Christian Spirituality of Ecology” gathered participants from 16 countries in Buenos Aires. The event was convoked by the Justice and Solidarity Department of the Latin American Episcopal Conference (CELAM). Read a summary of the conference here to find out what the Church in Latin America thinks about environmental issues. I would just like to highlight a few passages from the official report:

  • “an economic logic prevails of mere self-interest or profit, in deterioration of the good living of peoples.”
  • “”the prevailing lifestyles of unbridled consumption in a portion of humanity entails a lack of balance between the growing demand for natural resources — renewable and non-renewable — and the availability of land — together with the risk of the annihilation of biodiversity — as well as the exhaustion of low-cost energies that threaten the development of societies in the mid-term.”
  • “the prevailing economic activity in technologically developed cultures, under the logic of efficiency, maximization of earnings in a few hands and socialization of losses, characterized by the neglect of the sacred and spiritual dimension of nature — as part of the loving creation of God, source of life — and of the gratuitousness of the goods and services offered by it,” it added (Cf. “Caritas in Veritate” 37).

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