Experience Highlight: Pilgrimage from Rome to Krakow

Experience Highlight: Pilgrimage from Rome to Krakow for World Youth Day 2016

1700Km on the Road of Discernment

About This Trip

In May 2016, Creatio led a group of young men on a 1700Km pilgrimage to answer Pope Francis’ call for the Year of Mercy by walking from Rome, Italy to Krakow, Poland. This pilgrimage was officially sponsored by the Vatican Pontifical Council for the Laity and the Archdiocese of Denver and was a time of vocational discernment for the pilgrims, allowing them sacred space and time to listen to God’s call for their lives.

During this journey, an experienced pilgrim guide, Ann Sieben, of the Society of Servant Pilgrims, taught four young men the ancient practice of mendicant pilgrimage. This ancient pilgrim route extends from Rome to Austria, through the Czech Republic and into Poland. This route is scattered with monasteries along its path, giving the pilgrims a place to sleep and an opportunity to have a wide variety of deep spiritual and cultural experiences along the journey.

The pilgrimage climactically ended as the pilgrims entered Krakow at the start of World Youth Day, an international Catholic event focused on faith and youth, in which Pope Francis was present.

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What the Pilgrims are Saying


“I grew closer to God overall from this experience. I encountered God in creation, and also through people that would aid us. There are people out there that are truly living with God in their heart and it is very heart-warming.”

Rafael | University of Colorado

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“The people I came with were beyond inspiring, and our conversations were always profound, personal, and stirring. I got to know these men and women better than I know some of my closest friends at home, and it’s humbling as well as uplifting to have formed such close friendships with them.”

Paula | Belmont University


Community and Friendship

“Community,” “deep conversation,” “friendship.” Many pilgrims chose these words when asked to describe their pilgrimage experience in one phrase. Others affectionately remember their experience by calling their fellow pilgrims their “family.” Of course the experience is known as a great opportunity for silence, personal reflection, and soul-searching. But we are made for community, made for encounter, and much of that soul-searching happens in communion with others. Those conversations while preparing dinner, or sipping a hot expresso in tiny village, or helping someone with their blisters may be the ones that help change our lives. Come prepared to live out the beauty of Community in a way that you may have never experienced before!

Spirituality: Finding God's Will in Simplicity

Discerning the Will of God on Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is prayer in action. This unique pilgrimage was designed for young adults seeking to discover and deepen their understanding of God’s will for their life. This pilgrimage was specifically made to take one’s desire to find their vocation on a journey of simplicity and prayer by traveling from Rome to World Youth Day in Krakow. The spirituality of this pilgrimage placed absolute trust and confidence in God so that he may be the one who directs the pilgrims to their next destination in life.

Pilgrims are always invited to open themselves to a spiritual experience and encounter with Godregardless of religious background. Stopping at 1000 year old churches to pray for a moment (or an hour), receiving the love and care of others, walking in beauty and silence all have a powerful affect on the soul. Participating in a daily “Pilgrim Mass” is encouraged for all pilgrims, and non-Catholics are welcome to join in the tradition. Also, enjoy some of the best food and wine in the world as you wander through the medieval villages of Italy.

On Creatio pilgrimages, experienced guides lead pilgrims along the way and suggest personal reflections and conversations. There are also many opportunities for quiet time and exploring on your own. Pilgrims can walk in groups or individually and set their own pace.

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One of the most beautiful aspects of a pilgrimage is not knowing where we will sleep each night. Along the way, many pilgrim refuges or families receive pilgrims. The hosts see their reception of pilgrims as a true mission and ministry, and go out of their way to make pilgrims feel at home at the end of each day. It's truly amazing to witness! Because this is a pilgrimage, conditions may not exactly be 5 star, but basic needs for pilgrims will always be met (warm place to sleep, blankets, etc).