September 27-29: Outdoor Leadership Summit

About This Experience

We are seeking to bring together key leaders in Catholic young adult outreach for a weekend in a mountain cabin in the Colorado backcountry.

The event we are calling the OLS, Outdoor Leadership Summit, and the hope is to offer an intentional moment of sharing about how to bring our message of the gospel to Millennials--away from distractions and connected with God and nature.

Several small talks and discussions will be organized, all with the aim of collaboration and discussion about how to tackle the biggest challenges we face as young Catholics in this ever-changing global culture. Participants will be encouraged to prepare certain topics beforehand and contribute regularly to the conversation. This will not be a "typical retreat" or conference but is aimed to be a true experience of ecclesial sharing about some of our greatest interests, challenges, successes, and failures. There are only 26 spots in the hut so this will aim to be a true intimate experience.


$425 Regular (Until September 20)



Food, Lodging, Guided hikes, Course materials, Most gear; Carpooling assistance will be coordinated


Personal items

Outdoor Leadership Summit Hut Trip

Help us tackle the greatest challenge of today's Church

September 27-29, 2019


About Creatio

Creatio has lead Catholic-based outdoor adventure missions and pilgrimages around the world for 15 years. Creatio was founded as a way to use the beauty of creation as a path towards our Creator. The appeal of the natural world is near-universal with people of all/no faiths "opting outside" at an increasing rate. Wouldn't it be great if they had someone help them discover God in these moments? Creatio has been helping this happen, and we want to equip you to do the same.

Equipment Information

Creatio will provide all outdoor equipment, however you are encouraged to bring your personal outdoor gear (backpack, sleeping bag, etc...). Food will be prepared by our Spiritual Formation Director and executive camp chef and (seriously his gnocchi is phenom.) so you do not need to bring stoves/cookware.

Basic Timeline

DAY 1:  Meet in Downtown Denver at one of two rendezvous locations and travel to our backcountry basecamp.  Class is now in session!

DAY 2:  We will continue with the course throughout the day, and have Vigil Mass said at basecamp that evening.

Day 3:  Final lessons, closing, and transportation back to downtown Denver / Denver International Airport for flights home.

Arrivals and Departures from Denver


Pickup points in Denver are easily accessible from Denver International Airport. The A-Line train will take you from the airport to Union Station, where we will meet participants before heading to the mountains. The train ride takes approximately 45 minutes. The other pickup point is Holy Ghost Church.  Holy Ghost is one of the most beautiful churches in Colorado, has 11:30am Mass and Reconciliation afterwards. It is nearby the train station, so if your flight arrives earlier in the day you can easily walk/cab to Holy Ghost for Mass. We'll be leaving Denver for the mountains at noon, so please be either at Holy Ghost or Union Station by noon. Let us know where you plan to be so we know where to pick you up!

We will take participants back to Denver International Airport on Sunday. The earliest you'll be at the airport is approximately 6pm on Sunday.

Your Guides

Click on the pictures for guide bios

Class Topics and Activities


Hiking and Pilgrimages

What makes a hike into a pilgrimage?  How do you lead people safely across challenging terrain?  How do you apply the “pilgrim church” concept to your participants while walking?  What does it take to lead a Camino de Santiago?

Living Amidst the Luxuries of Creation

Best practices for group living including food, fire, and fellowship.  What do you do with a group when the sun goes down?  Gear questions answered.  What sort of campfire conversations can lead people into a deeper relationship with God?


Spiritual Formation

Creatio focuses on developing our relationships with: ourselves, others, creation, and the Creator.  You will grow in these four areas on the Leadership Summit, and be able to apply the same techniques to others on your own Adventure Missions and Pilgrimages.

Basecamp Location

Basecamp is the Sangree M. Froelicher hut.  It is part of the 10th Mountain Division network of backcountry huts in the Rocky Mountains.

For more about the hut, click here.


Scholarships available for campus ministers/young adult group leaders/parish young adult directors.  Contact us to learn more.